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Reflexology is a complementary therapy used for treating different diseases using the manipualtion of the acupuncture points on the feet. Reflexology application goes back a few thousand years in Asia and Europe. It has become popular nowadays as a complementary form of remedy for people from all kinds of backgrounds. The applicator of the reflexology is called reflexologist and there are at least one in many hospitals and medical facilities. Reflexology is very popular in our country and it also gained recognition around the world because of its beneficial impacts on the operation in the human nervous system.

Why Prefer Reflexology Services?

Reflexology is the manipulation of acupressure points on the feet to relieve physical and mental diseases. The application includes looking into certain areas of the feet to determine which points to be wary of. After those certain points are determined, pressure is exerted with fingers or thumbs to those points in order to gain the normal function of the meridians of the diseased area.

Meridians are a notion of acupuncture that expresses the canals that carry the electrical stimulations in our body. Acupuncture specialists use this information when they treat patients who have nervous system diseases by stimulating certain acupuncture points and at the same time replacing needles with meridians. Some diseases can be treated effectively with this method, however, it can be dangerous if not applied by licensed medical specialists. Chiropractors use reflexology to help accelerate natural healing by supplying a magnet for the healing power of the body.

How is Reflexology Applied, What are the Benefits?

Chiropractors make it easy to heal on a physical level by directing the pressure on certain areas of the sole, increasing the flow of the blood and removing the toxins from the organs and the tissues of the body. This results in better health conditions by increasing circulation and removing the toxins from joints, muscles and other parts of the body. The increased circulation also heals the quality of sleep, level of vitality, digestion, efforts to lose weight, and overall welfare through the increased muscle movement on the organs and tissues of the body and oxygenation.

Other benefits include getting rid of nervousness, headaches, backaches, arthiritis and tendons. It has effects to reduce pain, neuralgia (pain of the nerve), sciatica (pain of the back), heartburn, palpitations (heart attack), numbness or feeling of pins and needles in some areas of the body and others as well as reducing stress. Reflexology has gained recognition all around the world because of its popularity as a complementary therapy for mental and physical health problems.

What is the importance of our Reflexology Services?

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